Body Repair Work On Car Door

Door dings are those little dimples that happen from opening the door of your car and hitting something, or from someone hitting your car with their door in a parking lot. There are several different methods you can use, depending on where the dent is and how bad it is dented.

Removing the interior door panel is typically easy to do with just a few screws and clips holding it in place. Unlike a lot of the other body panels, more than 50% of the door can usually be reached from the back side.

Bodywork and painting tools and materials have evolved over the years in an effort to streamline the various repair processes and make each step easier, faster and more efficient. Where once the most sophisticated tools of repair consisted of a tape measure and a straightedge, shops now use computerized equipment with digital accuracy. The refinishing industry has also seen much change over the years. Still, in spite of the many changes, technology has not been able to eliminate the need for basic repair skills for fixing dents and spot painting panels. Much of the same tools and techniques that have been used for decades are still the best and only way to get a job done.