Our hail management team has over 20 years’ experience with both paintless dent removal and conventional automotive body repairs. Regardless of the severity of hail storm damage. We can assemble you a team of any size to efficiently process the repairs to the vehicles.

Our proprietary blue printing and repair process allows for cycle times that will leave you and your customers happy and and coming back.

certified paintless dent removal technicians.

Knowledge and solutions for the colission repair industry We only use top of the line name brand body repair products

Our painters are trained in both water based and solvent based systems. We can spray your in-house paint system or we can spray our system. The choice is always yours.

Our conventional repair technicians run completely dustless Festool electric sanders and vacuum systems and don’t require access to air. This allows you to provide us any available space and not have to worry about the mess and air contaminates that come along with conventional body repairs.


Our Estimators trained in:Mitchell’s estimating software including repair center. CCC ONE and CCC total repair Audatex estimating software. Administrative support also available. Keying estimates, Payables and receivables, parts, answering phones. We can fill in the gaps so you don’t need to worry about hiring additional long-term employees for a short-term event.

Life time warranty on all conventional repairs. Any repair that is completed our technicians will be covered by our Total lifetime warranty. In the event that a repair should fail you simply contact our office, provide the supporting photos and we will satisfy the cost of that warranty repair.