Paint Work Prepping Before Paint

How to Prep a Car for Paint

Whether you’re touching up a couple scratches or looking at a whole new paint job, there are a few important steps to take before you can begin painting a car. Start by building up majorly-damaged spots with a body filler putty and sanding them smooth. Then, scuff the entire painting surface with a sanding block or orbital sander to remove the old paint and prepare it to accept a fresh coat. Once you’ve stripped your vehicle, spray on 2-3 coats of a suitable automotive primer, which will help your new paint stick and show it off in all its glory.

Pull out large dents using a dent repair kit. If the car you’re painting is heavily dented, the first thing you’ll need to do is to remove as many dents as you can to smooth out your painting surface. Glue an appropriately-sized suction cup to the center of the dent using a hot glue gun and wait 1-2 minutes for the glue to harden. Then, pull firmly yet gently on the retractable tab until the metal returns to its original shape.

  • You can pick up a dent repair kit from any auto supply store for just a few dollars.
  • In certain places, like the hood, trunk, and rear panels, it may be possible to pound out dents from the inside of the body using a hammer and dolly.