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Pick Chicago Body Shop & You Won’t Regret This!

If your vehicle is damaged during a collision, there’s a good chance you will need the services of Сhicago Body Repair shop. Of course, there are many of them in Chicago and around, but just a few are worth your trust and money. Even if you don’t know what sort of repair you will need and the services you should ask for, Total Collision & PDR auto body shop in Arlington Heights can help.

What Makes You Call Total Collision & PDR?

Let’s suppose you are involved in an accident. Should you call the Chicago body shop or the insurance company first?

During business hours, it is recommended to call Auto Body Shop first. They can run through the situation with you and give you quick advice on your next steps. After business hours, there is a sense in contacting your insurance company to start the claim. Then, sending Body Shop an email or leave a voicemail. Don’t worry, the professional team will reach you as soon as possible on the next business day. Chicago Body Shops usually work with all insurance companies. No matter who you are insured with, you can have your vehicle repaired.

Do they have a satisfaction guarantee?

Body shops offer a lifetime warranty on all work they do. They have extremely high customer satisfaction and many of their customers are amazed by the quality of repair works. If you do have any problems with your repair, please contact the nearest Chicago Body shop in the Chicago greater area.

Auto Body Shop VS Auto Repair Shop: What’s The Difference?

Who better to ask for help than your local auto body shop? People, who hear about local body shops often wonder – what exactly is an auto body shop? Or it is better to take your car to a regular repair shop to fix a paint scratch?

Know What Your Car Needs

Vehicles are a complicated and necessary part of everyday modern life. Most people choose to just drive their car without learning how they work and what they consist of. But only if you really know your car you can understand the difference between these two helpful services.

In short, your car has two basic divisions: the engine, and the body. The engine is the power of your auto that makes the body move. On the other hand, the car body holds the engine, passengers, and everything else.

A typical auto repair shop will fix engine complete units, whereas a body shop fixes the body: frame, doors, windows, bumpers, mirrors, etc. These parts aren’t involved mechanically in powering the vehicle or bringing it to a stop.

What Total Collision Center Provides

  • An auto body shop repairs damage to the exterior and non-moving parts.
  • Restores vehicles after minor or major collisions
  • Repairs dents in the sheet metal
  • Restores paint and repaints to match factory colors
  • Replaces bumpers, damaged body panels, and other components that are not related to engine
  • Repairs or replaces mirrors, glass

What Auto Repair Shops Do

  • An auto repair shop performs regular maintenance and repairs moving parts.
  • Replaces brakes
  • Replaces other parts that wear out during normal driving
  • Performs oil changes
  • Repairs engine components
  • Repairs other moving components of the vehicle

The Most-Requested Services From Total Collision & PDR

Collision Car Repair

The company works with all auto insurance companies both in Chicago and greater areas and is a preferred insurance provider for many. They repair cars of all brands and models, from Audi to Volvo.

The company’s goal for collision repair is that after the repairs are complete, your vehicle will look as it did prior to the collision, and be equally as safe. With professional collision repair techniques and equipment, your vehicle should seem as if the damage never happened. Collision experts ensure the frame, body panels, paint, and any other affected parts are up to standard before a repair is complete.

Auto Body Painting

Don’t worry about your car’s original color. Chicago Body Shop uses PPG water-based paint for true color matching and carefully blends the correct shade for each job individually. A single-vehicle can easily have 20 or 30 different shades of paint, making a perfect match a highly skilled achievement.

The service has been spraying PPG paint products for many years and it has always been at the forefront of new technology and products to ensure the best possible color matches. Professional painters are PPG factory trained and certified, and stay current in an ever-changing world of automotive refinishes.

Your vehicle’s new paint will be applied and set in a specialized paint booth with great care taken to ensure the new paint is applied exactly where it is needed and other areas are left untouched.

Paintless Dent Repair

Small dents often happen. Many smaller dents, including most light hail damage, can be removed using paintless dent repair, or PDR. Because the body panel does not need to be replaced or repainted, PDR is a faster and more affordable option.

The key criteria for a PDR are whether the paint was damaged or cracked by the impact. If the paint surface is broken, you are recommended to use traditional repair techniques. Typically, PDR-repairable dents will be on the smaller size, but sometimes large, “soft” cave-ins can also be repaired using PDR methods.

Main advantages:

  • PDR does not require a report to insurance!
  • Most PDRs are completed in just a few hours
  • Highly experienced on-site technician at Total Collision & PDR shop

How Long Will Repairs Take

The repair time will depend on the extent of the vehicle damage. Paintless dent repair is usually done within a few hours at most, while extensive damage can take a week or longer to fully correct. Chicago Total Collision will first look at the damage and contact you as soon as they have an estimate of the work needed.

Their specialists will keep you up to date during repairs and let you know immediately when repairs are finished.

Why Pick Total Collision & PDR In Chicago Area?

  • Service of cars of different brands
  • High-quality service
  • Original supply and repair parts
  • Transparent pricing
  • Guarantee for spare parts and services

The company provides everything you need to get the job done, from protective coatings to high-performance paint systems, bodyshop consumables & bodyshop equipment. They pride themselves on getting the job done right the first time every time.

Dent Removal in Chicago

Not a good new, but your car was unexpectedly damaged by nail. It looks like a mess! What are you going to do? It is better to take your vehicle to a body shop right now! But how to find the best dent removal in Chicago? This question is always up to date as you don’t want to overpay and waste time. You want to have your car repaired fast, without using paint, body work, or fillers. Surprised? How is it possible? Everything is possible when using right tools. The problem is that there are very many businesses that offer auto dent repair services in Chicago and the surrounding regions. This begs the question, what are the factors to consider when hiring hail damage repair experts?

Looking For The Best Dent Removal In Chicago



Any dent removal company in Chicago that you will choose should have all the necessary tools to remove any dents. Dent removal is not a street mechanical practice, it is a professional undertaking. This means that the company under consideration must have all the tools to conduct the procedure. Thus, you should check for the availability of the necessary tools. In fact, you should check to ascertain that all the tools necessary are present before you can trust the company. Proper utility tools signify that they’re ready for the task ahead.


Auto dent repair is an undertaking that requires the proper technology to achieve the desired results. Companies using current technology in dent removal should top the list of the dent removal organizations under considerations. Dent removal companies should also train their employees to use modern tools and technology. Dings and dents should only be removed using advanced equipment because they offer high-quality services. Most of the services provide PDR.

What is the difference between Conventional Dent Removal and Paintless Dent Removal?

    • With traditional dent removal, the paint in the affected area is sanded down; the crunched metal pounded into place and any areas that aren’t smooth are filled in with putty. After that, the area must be sanded, primed, given a base coat of paint and then a final coat. Over a week later, and a thousand dollars of work, you’re ready to go.
    • In contrast, PDR focuses on the outside surface of your vehicle, where the dent occurred. The damage is pushed and pulled back to where it should be. The surface of the area is inspected using a straight light tool. This ensures that everything is straight and smooth. The price for this procedure is considerably lower than traditional dent repair and typically only takes a day to accomplish.

Dent and paint repair is a professional practice, which means that all the people involved must have the necessary training. Therefore, all the employees working in a repair company should have certifications to ascertain that they are professionals. You do not want to hand your car to inexperienced and naive workers. Anytime you are looking for services from auto dent repair services, make sure you ask for proof of the necessary certifications. It may look odd, but you will be protecting your car against mishandling.


Customer service experience is becoming a major parameter in the auto industry. You don’t want to hire services from people who do not appreciate that you chose their company. You want to feel valued. Therefore, talking to the managers and other technicians working in a dent removal company is a strategic way of analyzing their customer services. It is very important for you as for a customer to contact to people who listen to your problems while at the same time offering the necessary recommendations. This is a sign of good customer services.

About Dent Removal In Chicago

Your vehicle might have got caught in a hail storm, endured parking lot dings or had minor collision. If the original factory paint finish is not affected, dent removal in Chicago can repair it, using the art of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)—that helps in restoring your original factory finish—perfectly.

We serve the land of Chicago for many years. Our professional composition in the Paintless Dent Repair industry and greatest experience in the automotive industry help to do everything for the sake of your car. Our team is highly skilled. Our craftsmen specialize in restoring your vehicle’s factory appearance. You’ll be 100% satisfied.

More Services For Your Car

As a rule, dent removal services in Chicago and in all major American cities offer more than just paintless dent repair for your vehicle. Their range of services includes auto collision repair, hail damage, fleet services, and more. You’ll have a one stop shop for all your auto repair needs, no matter the circumstance. They also provide 24/7 assistance, so all it takes is one phone call and they will come! You can be sure that whenever you are and whatever your car needs may be, you can always turn to the same trusted, experienced technicians who know your vehicle inside out.

How much for dent removal service?

Have you already picked the service? If so, please, check the Pricing section of their site to see pictures and examples of their rates. Services in Chicago accept all major credit/debt cards using Square for a safe and secured transaction. None of your information will ever be sold to a third party! Please take a few minutes to visit their site. Hopefully, most of your questions about paintless dent repair, pricing, and the types of dents that can be fixed using this method will be answered easily and fast. They look forward to working with you to make your car look great again.

Next time your car is damaged in a hail storm or some other disaster, make sure you look for these factors in the auto dent repair company you choose. Your car will be in good hands then!