Body Work Quarter Panel Replacement

Replacing Quarter Panel

As we began to outline, it’s pretty clear that quarter panels take a heavy beating all the time.

  • When driving, your rear wheels often throw up dirt, road tar, dead bugs, and other debris straight onto your quarter panels. This stuff can build up over time and grind its way into the paint, eventually breaking down even a coat of wax or car sealant.
  • Furthermore, at least one of your quarter panels is exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations on a regular basis. The panel above your car’s exhaust pipe is exposed to extreme heat whenever your vehicle is running, which can cause the metal to warp during the winter, as intense cold clashes with the heat. In fact, the heat itself can eventually melt the panel or damage the paint on top of it.
  • As mentioned before, quarter panels are commonly damaged in minor accidents. Since they’re located near the back bumpers, they’re frequently dented or crushed when one car impacts another from behind.